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There once was a pony named Dusty,
he never ever got rusty,
he always won,
and had fun,
that is my pony Dusty!

Lauren Horth, age 12
Dalton, Massachusetts







There once was a horse named Jett,
Who was very afraid of the vet.
He'd run and hide,
Slip and Slide.
But made a very good pet!

                                Tahnee Georgens, age 13
                          Dalton, MA
There once was a horse named moe,
and he always wanted to go,
but he did not know the rules of the game.
So one day he went lame,
but he's alright now and having fun,
and on our last horse show we both won!

                                                   Nicole Lorenzo, age 11  
                                                   Canaan, CT







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